Testing Your Garage Door’s Reverse Sensor

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The weight and pressure from a closing garage door can cause serious injury and has been linked to many deaths across the United States. Knowing why, and how to, test your garage door’s reverse sensor can help protect your family, friends, and neighbors from accidents. A garage door that does not function properly is a dangerous mechanism to have in your home. Taking the time to test your garage door’s function is vital, and it is easy to do.

The reverse sensor is located at the base of both sides of the garage door track. This specialized gadget is designed to detect anything in its path so that the garage door does not close down on it. This feature has no doubt cause a bit of annoyance in the past when you have tried closing your garage door but found that it will not close, only to find out that a bike wheel or stick is blocking the sensor. Of course, this efficiency is a good thing, because if what had been blocking the sensor was a small child you would want the garage door to refuse to close!

On either side of a garage door there is an infrared sensor placed six inches above the floor at the garage door frame. The sensors must be able to “communicate” with one another in order for the garage door to properly close. Your automatic garage door’s safety feature is designed so that should something block those sensors or not allow them to communicate, that it will not close. Testing this feature is incredibly important, and can be done in just a few minutes. Here’s how:

  • Grab a new roll of paper towels, still in the package if you don’t want them to get dirty.
  • Place the roll of paper towels, lain down horizontally, under the path of the garage door.
  • Try closing the garage door by pushing the automatic button.
  • If the tube of paper towels does not block the sensors, you need to adjust them so that they are level. Repeat trying to close the door.
  • If your garage door refuses to close, then the paper towel roll is blocking the sensors and your sensors are working properly.

Taking the time to test your garage door’s reverse sensor mechanism is easy to do, and should be done on a regular basis to protect those entering and exiting your home. If you have any issues or concerns with your garage door’s safety, call HABPRO Garage Doors today.

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