Lawrenceville GA Garage Door RepairsYour car is one of your biggest investments, typically falling in second place to purchasing a home. While not all car owners wash and wax their cars on a regular basis, most people make it a priority to have their oil changed, tires rotated, and regular maintenance done to keep their cars running. However, if you do not park your car in your garage, then you are neglecting your investment.

Summers here in Georgia reach very high temperatures and very humid levels. Parking inside your garage should be a priority.

  • Protection: Many things can damage your car’s exterior simply because you do not park in a covered and enclosed area the majority of the time. Hail damage occurs regularly in Georgia during the summer because of severe thunderstorms that build up in our humid atmosphere. Bird droppings can damage the paint of a vehicle because of their acidic nature. Constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays also cause the paint on a vehicle to fade, crack, and flake over time. These same UV rays come through the windows and cause the leather interior to dry out and crack. By parking your vehicle inside a garage, you are protecting your car.
  • Security: Even cars parked in the “nicest” neighborhoods are still vulnerable to theft, break-ins, and other crimes. An enclosed garage door gives your vehicle added security.
  • Convenience: While convenience may not seem like a necessity, unloading groceries in the pouring down rain or a hail storm is not a good idea. Tracking hail and water into the garage makes for a very slippery garage floor, often causing bodily harm to both children and adults. The convenience of being able to hop in your vehicle on your way to work, church, and social functions without getting soaked or baking in a hot vehicle are sufficient reasons to park inside your garage.

Many people buy a home with a nice, enclosed garage yet they end up using their garage space as extra storage for their stuff. A garage was designed to protect your vehicle from summer’s oppressive heat and elements. At HABPRO Garage Doors we encourage you to make it a priority this summer to park indoors!

Posted on behalf of HABPRO Garage Doors
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