Opening Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

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Lawrenceville GA Garage Services Company When it is cold and wet outside, garage door openers are especially convenient. Winter weather is notorious for bringing wind, ice, snow, and fallen trees. These conditions often result in power outages that can last a few minutes or even a few days. Many garage door remotes are equipped with battery backups for this very reason, but how do you get into or out of your garage when the remote won’t work due to no power? The garage door will need to be opened manually until the power is restored. Here’s how to open an overhead door safely until the power is restored.

Use the Bypass

Garage door manufacturers install a bypass function for occasions when there are motor problems or a remote will not work due to power issues. Hanging from the center rail of the garage door system is a rope that is typically manufactured with a red handle. That is the bypass trigger. Pulling firmly on the bypass rope will disengage it from the carriage. To do this safely, the garage door should be down when the bypass is used. The weight of the door could cause it to come down forcefully. The red rope is known as the garage door opener manual disconnect.

Open the Door

Using the lift handles, open the door straight up. Make sure it securely stays in place before moving a person or vehicle underneath it.

Close the Door

Reaching up to clasp the lift handles, pull straight down on the door in a controlled motion. To avoid damage to the door, do not pull and release and let it slam to the floor.

Lock the Door

When the power is out, so is the ability to lock the door automatically. The lock bar can also be operated manually by sliding it into position.

Reengage the Door

When power is restored, reconnect the door’s automatic function by reattaching the door to the carriage. It will snap into place and the door will no longer operate manually.

If your garage door or opener was damaged during the power outage, our team of repair experts at Habpro Garage Doors will have you up and running in no time. We service all makes of garage doors and garage door openers. For more helpful information and tips about garage doors, call us today. Serving Garage Door Opener customers in Lawrenceville, Dacula and Suwanee Georgia.

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