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Lawrenceville GA Garage Door Repair and Replacement ServicesThere are several types of garage doors, but one of the most common distinction between homeowners when they are looking for garage doors for their home is doors with windows or doors without. Decorative windows are often considered to be an “upgrade” to garage door design. HABPRO Garage Doors offers garage doors with windows to homeowners, and encourages you to look at the pros and cons of this option.


  • Curb appeal. Garage doors that have windows are often thought as being more attractive. Homeowners who are trying to sell or who are interested in giving their home a makeover often choose to replace their existing garage doors with ones that have windows to make their home feel more inviting.
  • Let in some light. Adding windows to your garage doors allows natural light to come into your garage. These windows are usually placed up high so that they allow light to stream in without people being able to see directly into your garage.
  • Create a comfortable space. Many people use their garages for more than just parking vehicles. People work out in their garages, use it for office space, and much more. Having a comfortable space with windows allows you not to feel closed in.
  • Option to check in. Some people want the option of checking in on their stuff within their garage without having to open the door. With garage door windows, you can easily check in to see that things are in order and that nothing is amiss inside your garage.


  • Windows can break. While all windows are vulnerable to being broken, having windows on your garage door just adds more windows that could possibly be damaged. This is a risk that you must weigh.
  • Lack of privacy. If someone wants to look inside your garage and your garage doors have windows, s/he may have to work harder to do so, but s/he could gain visual access. If privacy is a huge concern, garage door windows may not be your best option.

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