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Lawrenceville GA New Garage DoorsGarage doors are an easy entry point for would-be burglars. Studies show that it only takes a few seconds for a skilled thief to get your garage door open. Even if you have an automatic garage door opening system, there are several ways thieves can access a garage and your home. Power tools, equipment, cars, lawn mowers, recreational vehicles and bicycles have good resell value and are therefore of interest to someone looking for things to steal.

There are a number of important ways you can help deter criminals by securing your garage doors and access to them. They are:

1. Consider a solid garage door, one with windows that are high, or keep the windows covered.
2. Install a motion sensor light at the garage door.
3. Install a security system.
4. Make sure the garage door has a secure locking mechanism, such as a padlock or deadbolt.
5. Never leave your garage remote in the car.
6. Ensure the service door near your garage is also equipped with a deadbolt.
7. If you have an attached garage, lock all the interior doors that give access to your home.
8. If you have an older garage door, consider replacing the motor to one with up-to-date security features and open-door alerts.
9. Add a peep hole so that you can see out in the event of a noise or disturbance while you are inside.
10. Employ a zip tie to keep crooks from using a coat hanger to reach the emergency release handle.
11. Install a loud alarm that senses motion or movement.
12. Keep a radio or television on when you are not home.

Does your garage have weak points? Don’t let your garage doors make you susceptible to break-ins. Keep your property safe with a top-quality garage door. We offer the highest-grade custom and branded doors available. Call HABPRO Garage Doors for a garage door evaluation today.

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