Broken Garage Door Spring

Cables Replaced and Reset

If your cable is off the drum, wrapped around the shaft or your door is crooked STOP OPERATING THE DOOR NOW. Continued using can result in more costly repairs and damage to property or yourself. Some of our Services – Door Openers, Keypads, Torsion Spring alignment or Replacement, garage door Tracks, broken springs, Rollers, Cables & Drums, hinges, Sensors and Weather Seals, Opener troubleshooting, Installation, Parts and repair, also Carport Build outs Garage Door ConversionsAt HABPRO Garage Doors, our goal is to help you the customer be as knowledgeable as possible about your garage door so you can make the best decision to meet your needs. We hope you will choose HABPRO Garage Doors.A cable or cables can come off of the cable drum (torsion spring doors) for a handful of different reasons. The first thing to BE AWARE OF is that cables are designed to hold the torque of the spring and the weight of the door and as such are under a dangerous load. With this in mind, we don’t recommend that you try to repair a cable problem yourself.

Cables on a torsion spring type door attach to the bottom bracket located at the bottom left and right corners of the door and run from the bracket up to the cable drum.  When your door is in the closed position, your springs are fully wound with the maximum torque for your door and as the door opens the cable (when working properly) roll up around the cable drum. As the door opens, the tension from the springs dissipates with each revolution of the torsion bar. Once the door reaches the fully open position, approximately 1/2 to 1 full turn of tension is left on each spring.

Here are a list of reasons a cable or cables may be off the drum or wrapped around it improperly as shown in the picture:

  1. One or both of the cables are frayed.
  2. One of the bottom brackets has been sliced or cut by the door track and has caused it to peel and make one side of the door higher than the other and will cause the door to bind and the cable to come off the drum.
  3. The cable drums are held onto the torsion bar via 2 setscrews and one or both of the screws have worked themselves loose and caused the cable to come off the drum.
  4. The cable drum is cracked or broken and will no longer stay set in its proper position.
  5. The door was operated and closed on an object on one side or the other causing slack in one or both cables and the cables to come off or wrap around the drum and or shaft. NOTE: the door could have been closed on an object several days or weeks ago causing the cable to track on the drum wrong and now it has finally come completely off the drum.
  6. One of the end bearings located on the shaft next to the cable drum may have frozen or disintegrated causing slack in one cable.
  7. On a two car garage (1big door 2 bays) one of the springs may be broken causing inadequate tension to hold both cables taut especially in the open position.
  8. On a single garage door (1bay) the door usually only has one spring and if it’s worn and broken both cables will lose tension.

These are just a few of the many reasons why your cables may need to be reset or replaced. This is typically a job for the professional and can get very involved.

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