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The garage door is typically the largest and heaviest moving object in a person’s home. Because of this, and because of the frequency of its use, you would think that homeowners would take special note to keep their garage door(s) up to date in areas of maintenance. However, the International Door Association (IDA), the world’s largest association of professional garage door and access systems, has found that a large majority of homeowners in America overlook their garage doors.

A Harris Poll online survey reveals that 82% of Americans with a home that has a garage door are not taking proper steps in the maintenance and safety of their garage door. People mistakenly do not consider maintenance of their garage doors a priority. Statistics show:

  • Over 50% of homeowners have not checked the safety reliability of their garage door opener.
  • Over 45% of homeowners have never had a professional inspection of their garage door for functionality or safety.
  • Over 30% have never tested the safety features of their garage door operation, including sensor alignment, predictability, and reaction time.
  • Over 20% have never lubricated their garage door tracks.
  • Over 12% say they are not sure that their garage door’s hinges and rollers have ever been lubricated.

At HABPRO Garage Doors, we do not want you to become a statistic. Regular and proper maintenance of your garage door will help to prevent serious issues from becoming potential dangers. Just as your car or truck needs regularly scheduled oil changes and maintenance to run properly and safely, your garage door needs attention to perform safely and efficiently.

Please take the time to contact HABPRO Garage Doors and ask about our inspection services. Moving garage doors can cause serious injury, and even death, if they are not maintained. We offer No Hassel, No Gimmicks service to everyone. We want to keep your home and family safe, offering a pleasant experience with quality products and services at an affordable rate. Call today for all of your garage door and opener needs.

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