Common Garage Door Issues

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Lawrenceville GA Garage Doors FixedA garage door has many moving parts and pieces. When something goes wrong, it is not always obvious what the problem may be. At HABPRO Garage Doors, we take pride in educating our customers about the ins and outs of garage doors and how they function. Below is a list of common problems that homeowners encounter. Some garage door issues can be handled simply at home, but others may require one of our experts to diagnose and repair the problem. We proudly serve the Atlanta area with the highest quality garage door service and support.

The door closes, hits the ground, and then reverses and opens again.

This usually means that something is amiss with the photo eye sensor. Something could be obstructing the sensor, or it could be misaligned.

The garage door won’t open or close.

This may mean that the battery in the remote is dead and needs to be replaced. Another cause could be a broken spring.

The door squeaks as it moves up and down.

Squeaking can be normal, but may indicate a spring or roller malfunction. Before you call for service, try a lubricant that is specifically made for garage doors.

The door is off its hinges.

Somehow the door has come off the track and become detached. It will need to be reinstalled.

The door pops as it moves up and down.

When the garage door pops while it is moving up and down, a damaged or loose hinge may be the culprit. A worn torsion spring may also cause the door to pop while it is in motion.

The door falls too quickly and slams down to the ground.

Springs become loose over time or cables can break or become compromised.

Thankfully, garage doors are not something we often need to think about. When they are working to protect our cars and homes, all is well. When something isn’t functioning properly, it is important to identify and fix the problem before it escalates in damage and cost. With a little troubleshooting and elbow grease, you can fix many of these common problems at home. However, if you need assistance, HABPRO Garage Doors is here for you. Our expert team of garage door specialists will diagnose and restore your garage door to full working order. Call us today.

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