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The Benefits of a New Garage Door Dacula, GA

The Benefits of a New Garage Door

A red-brick house with new double garage door.

Your home is most likely your greatest physical possession. Within its walls are your family, personal items, livelihood, and where many memories have been made. Most modern homes have connected garages with garage doors that work to keep unwanted things out – burglars, thieves, bugs, nature, and more. Protecting your loved ones and your home is one of your highest priorities, so you do not want to skimp out on your protection level. Having a working, well-functioning garage door is beneficial to all of these areas. Yet, if your garage door is in poor shape, it is damaged, or it does not function, it is not doing its job. There are numerous benefits of a new garage door that add to your home’s value and security.

Below are the top five benefits of a new garage door. These benefits should help you know when you need to make an investment.

Heighten Security – A tightly sealed, properly working garage door provides your home with added security. There are valuable items that are kept in the garage, not the least being your vehicles. A garage door that seals and locks keep unwanted people from entering your garage and stealing or doing damage. Also, most homes have an entrance to the house through the garage. If your garage is not closed off, there is an easier advantage point of entry from unwanted guests. A new garage door can improve the overall security of your home and bring you peace of mind.

Increase Home Value – When it comes to owning a home, there are always things that need upkeep. When it comes to home projects, homeowners have to choose between projects based on priority and budget. If your garage door needs to be replaced, this project should be a priority because it offers an incredible return on the investment. According to Remodeling Magazine, a new garage door delivers the highest return rate of all home projects with an ROI of up to 98%.

Boost Curb Appeal – People gain an impression of your home from the moment that they see it. A house in need of paint, with poor landscaping, or a damaged garage door detracts from its overall appearance. Also, outdated door styles can detract from a home’s attractiveness. The high-style designs of today are not the garage door styles of 20 years ago. With the addition of hardware, handles, and hinges, you can increase the attractiveness of your garage door and how well it fits in with today’s styles. There are many garage door styles to choose from:

  • Swing-Out Garage Doors
  • Composite Garage Doors
  • Carriage Style Garage Doors
  • Glass Paneled Garage Doors
  • Solid Wood Garage Doors
  • Steel Garage Doors
  • Fiberglass Garage Doors
  • Vinyl Garage Doors

With so many garage door styles available, you can easily find one to fit in with the façade of your home and easily boost curb appeal.

Higher Efficiency – The garage opening is the largest opening in your home. This large area allows cold, heat, wind, rain, and snow to penetrate inside your garage if it is not closed off. When weather elements and temperature changes occur, it will affect the air inside your home. A well-insulated garage door will keep your unconditioned garage 10 – 20 degrees warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This temperature control affects how warm or cold your home is on the inside. This control helps you save money on energy bills!

Better Reliability – A garage door that works properly to open and close, insulate your home, keep unwanted pests out, and provide security translates to convenience for you as the homeowner. You will have one less project to take care of with a reliable garage door. Also, for those who want to put their home on the market, having a working and safe garage door will be advantageous in the selling market.

At HABPRO Garage Doors, we offer an expansive selection of top-quality garage doors. Call us for a free quote and view the various styles and colors and hardware options. HABPRO Garage Doors is the name you can trust for all of your garage door needs.

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Angela V.

I’m so glad that I contacted Bill @ Habpro when the spring in my garage door broke. I called mid-morning and he had a technician at my home that afternoon. The technician was kind and extremely professional. He had the garage door fixed very quickly and for a great price! I would ABSOLUTELY recommended Habpro to all of my friends and family! What a great experience with great people!

Kaylee F.

Wonderful quick service. They helped me find the part to replace and came out within a few days. Greg was able to have the problem fixed within in hour time and also gave me some insight as to why the problem happened in the first place. Price was very reasonable as well. Will def be using this company again and refer them to my friends and family.

Daniel B.

Fantastic service and premium quality product. Bill gave me competitive prices on two insulated metal doors and programmable openers, scheduled the installation at a convenient time for me, and Chuck who did the installation show up right on time. After he thoroughly cleaned up, he stayed and helped sync both vehicles to the openers. I highly recommend Habpro. You won't be disappointed.

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