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7 Signs It Is Time for a Garage Door Replacement Dacula, GA

7 Signs It Is Time for a Garage Door Replacement

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Garage doors are a vital part of your home’s security and appearance. Year after year you rely on your garage doors to give you convenient access to your enclosed parking spaces, but they are not meant to last forever. If you have an older garage door, it may be costing you more than you think. Do not wait for your door to fall apart before you consider buying a new garage door. Here are a few signs that it is time for a garage door replacement.

1. Dents, Dings, and Other Damage

If you can visibly see damage to your garage door, it may be time to consider shopping for a new door. Not only do these flaws look unattractive and affect your home’s curb appeal, but they can lead to further deterioration. Unless your garage door is fairly new, a complete replacement makes more sense than a repair.

2. Abnormal Noises

Most noises made by your garage door are caused by the garage door opener – squealing, grinding, or loud motor noises may mean your opener needs service or replacement. However, if the noises are creaking and cracking within the door itself, it may be time to have it inspected or replaced.

3. Garage Climate Control

Is your garage constantly too hot or too cold? Your garage door may not have adequate insulation which can affect the temperature in your garage and your home. Upgrading to an insulated door can keep your garage comfortable and help reduce energy costs.

4. Poor Function

Does your garage door opener seem to be laboring to open and close your door? It may be problems with your opener, but it may also be a problem with your door. If your door is unbalanced or has other issues, it may not open and close as it should.

5. Inadequate Security Features

Garage doors are one of the entrances that intruders target to enter your home. Older garage doors may not have the same security and safety features that can reduce the risk of criminals gaining access to your home. This includes outdated garage door opener technology – rolling codes, fingerprint identification, and other features are now available – as well as locking features on the door. Upgrading to a new system is a great investment in your home’s security system.

6. Outdated Style

Is your garage door plain or unattractive? Is the style completely different than the rest of your home? Your garage door is a large portion of the front of your home, and it is one of the first features people see when they drive up to your home. If you want to update your style, picking out a new garage door could greatly improve your home’s curb appeal. There are gorgeous options available that also have updated security and safety features included in the design.

7. Safety Concerns

Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds – it is the largest moving feature in most people’s homes. If you have had your door malfunction or the safety features are outdated, it can put your family and assets at risk. Garage doors must be equipped with auto-reverse features that function correctly. Pulleys, cables, and door balance all need to be working correctly to ensure the door does not suddenly slam shut. If you have any safety concerns, have your door inspected and possibly replaced as soon as possible.

In some cases, you may only need garage door repairs or service if you have problems. Most garage doors can last 10-20 years or more with regular maintenance. But if your garage door has outdated features or is no longer functioning safely, it may be worthwhile to consider replacing it to improve the safety, security, and beauty of your home.

If you are ready to begin exploring garage door replacement options, contact our team at HABPRO garage doors. We have an enormous selection of styles from which to choose, from carriage style and stamped steel to raised panels and wooden doors. If you live in the greater Atlanta, GA area and want to update your garage door, give us a call. Our experienced garage door technicians can install a beautiful, top-quality garage door that will enhance your home.

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Angela V.

I’m so glad that I contacted Bill @ Habpro when the spring in my garage door broke. I called mid-morning and he had a technician at my home that afternoon. The technician was kind and extremely professional. He had the garage door fixed very quickly and for a great price! I would ABSOLUTELY recommended Habpro to all of my friends and family! What a great experience with great people!

Kaylee F.

Wonderful quick service. They helped me find the part to replace and came out within a few days. Greg was able to have the problem fixed within in hour time and also gave me some insight as to why the problem happened in the first place. Price was very reasonable as well. Will def be using this company again and refer them to my friends and family.

Daniel B.

Fantastic service and premium quality product. Bill gave me competitive prices on two insulated metal doors and programmable openers, scheduled the installation at a convenient time for me, and Chuck who did the installation show up right on time. After he thoroughly cleaned up, he stayed and helped sync both vehicles to the openers. I highly recommend Habpro. You won't be disappointed.

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