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Atlanta Door Off Tracks

Is your Atlanta garage door off tracks and does it look similar to the garage door pictured, hanging crooked in the opening? Maybe some of the roller wheels have come off the hinges and are laying on the floor. This is a dangerous situation, so for safety’s sake and to limit potential damage to the overhead garage door, unplug the automatic garage door opener from the ceiling outlet, DO NOT pull the red emergency release rope and call us now, 404-736-3135. Attempting to operate the garage door or opener can result in serious damage to your garage door or electric overhead opener and can even cause you, personal injury. Don’t worry we have Atlanta garage door repair technicians on standby and we’ll get you back on track in no time. One of the biggest causes of your garage door coming off its tracks is a broken garage door cable or a frayed cable. Your garage door cable transfers the lifting power of your springs to the bottom section of your garage door. This cable is under high tension so leave it to a professional and don’t touch it.

Garage Door Off Track Atlanta

Our friendly, expertly trained garage door repair and service technicians can put your Atlanta garage door back on track, thoroughly service your overhead garage door and automatic opener to help ensure your garage door and opener are safe for you and your family to use. Your garage door is the largest moving object in your home and can easily weigh up to 500 lbs, so let our repair pros do the work and save you the worry.

When you have a garage door off tracks situation, its often caused by an object having been left under the overhead garage door causing a garage door cable to hop off the cable drum. It can also be caused by a broken or frayed garage door cable, broken overhead garage door spring, broken hinges, a slipped or mis-adjusted cable drum, worn out garage door springs or worn out rollers.

No need to panic, our Habpro Atlanta garage door technicians perform these type of repairs every day. Your situation may look very serious, but its usually not, so don’t try to force your garage door or carriage door open or closed, just leave it alone and call us.

Our Atlanta, Georgia customers have been calling Habpro Garage Doors for service and repairs for over four decades and its very likely your Atlanta neighbor had their garage door off tracks at some point too and called Habpro for garage door service.

Our technicians won’t just put your garage door back on it’s tracks we’ll also check all the moving parts, garage door cables, hinges, rollers, bearings, cable drums etc. and try to determine why your garage door came off it tracks. We will make helpful repair suggestions to help prolong the longevity and reliability of your garage door and automatic garage door opener.

Call the company your Atlanta neighbors trust 404-736-3135 for their overhead garage door repairs, Habpro Garage doors. Family owned and locally operated. Serving our Atlanta community friends and neighbors since 1978.