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At HABPRO Garage Doors we offer the finest quality of name brand Overhead Garage Doors such as C.H.I. Garage Doors, Clopay Garage Doors, Wayne-Dalton Garage Doors, General Garage Doors, and Amarr Garage Doors. At HABPRO Garage Door you’ll find any kind of overhead garage door your mind can imagine. We offer a complete selection of Raised Panel Steel Garage Doors, Carriage Style Garage Doors and Custom Wood Garage Doors. Custom designs and sizes are available too.

Since we specialize in Residential and Commercial replacement overhead garage doors, we know not only do you want a quality garage door, you want a professional garage door installation that will last for years to come. No matter where you are located in Atlanta, Duluth Ga., Marietta, Stone Mountain, Loganville, Roswell Ga., Alpharetta, Johns Creek, Lawrenceville, Dacula, Buford, Lilburn or any other suburb in Atlanta we will provide you with a quality garage door installation or garage door repair Guaranteed!

Not all garage doors are equal and not all garage door installations are equal, either. With over 30 years of satisfied customers, we know how to do the job right the first time. There is a fine art to overhead garage door installation. Two identical garage doors or garage door openers installed side by side will work relatively the same for the first year or two, but if one garage door or door opener is installed improperly, look out. The properly installed garage door will run quiet and smooth for years to come without anything more than routine maintenance. The improperly installed garage door will become noisy, start to bind and will literally start self-destructing within a few years resulting in un-necessary service charges, new parts, new sections or complete garage door replacement. Over 45% of the residential garage door repairs we make are directly a result of improper installation by the original door company.

Whether it’s a new garage door, a new garage door opener or a garage door repair on your existing garage door or opener you’ll be making the right choice with Metro Atlanta’s Best Choice and a Kudzu Five Star Rated company, HABPRO Garage Doors.

I believe there are many things to consider when choosing a garage door company for your new garage door or a garage door opener. First of all there are 100’s of garage door repair and installation companies to choose from in Metro Atlanta. Here are some important things to consider before contacting your new garage door installation or garage door repair.

  • How long has the door company been in business? Many garage door companies come and go especially in this tough economy. Some garage door companies by design change their name every 4-5 years so they can shed their bad reputation as well as their warranty obligations. These types of overhead garage door companies thrive on the un-informed consumer and won’t hesitate to take you and your wallet to the cleaners. Habpro Garage Doors has over 33 year’s experience serving satisfied Metro Atlanta Garage Door Customers.
  • Do they sell name brand products? As a consumer when you purchase a new garage door or garage door opener you want to be certain that the product you choose is a quality garage door or door opener and that replacement garage door panels and parts for both the garage door and the door opener are readily available. One very important thing to consider is the overhead garage door product you’re considering a proprietary product or is it available from multiple companies. When you purchase a proprietary product from a garage door company they know they have you for as long as you own that product because all replacement parts have to come from or through them and I guarantee you will always be paying a premium when there’s no competition so to speak. The garage door companies that sell open products all have to compete against each other and you the consumer aren’t stuck with one choice especially if you weren’t happy with the original company, this allows you the freedom to choose and allows competition to keep your out of pocket expenses fair and reasonable. One other thing to remember is a big name garage door manufacturer doesn’t guarantee you the best products in fact in some cases it’s quite the opposite. The manufacturer knows the big name will lure you in so they also know they can cut corners on their products because the name brings perceived quality. Habpro Garage Doors always uses name brand products, never home made.
  • Do they have independent reviews online? With today’s technology it’s easy for any garage door company in Atlanta to have independent online reviews where you the customer can easily add raving reviews for a garage door installation or repair well done or you can warn others of poor quality or lack of customer service. Don’t settle for just a few reviews, it’s not unreasonable to expect to see at least 50 or more. If a garage door company only has a handful of reviews no matter how positive I would stay away. Remember a reputable garage door repair company will encourage you to leave a review because it encourages other potential customers to do business with them and it holds us accountable to you the customer. The more reviews a garage door repair company has the more likely they are to be not only reputable but reasonable in cost for their garage door repairs and installations. At Habpro Garage Doors we ask for your independent review of our service every time we do work for you. We want your feedback!
  • The warranty game! You work hard for your money and you want to pick a garage door repair company that will stand behind their work because after all you expect quality workmanship and a value for your hard earned money. Remember the old saying “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”, well the same applies to warranties offered. It’s helpful to always ask if the warranties being offered are from the manufacturer of the garage door or garage door opener or if they are from the garage door repair company that you’re considering. Most manufacturers have been in business for a long time and most likely will stay in business so your warranty from them may be worthwhile. Local garage door repair and installation companies no matter how big they might appear are all independent and therefore run a higher risk of going out of business. The warranty from your local garage door company is only as good as their reputation and willingness to stand behind their work. The garage door companies in Atlanta that have been around and are what I consider to be good reputable companies and competitors all offer fair and reasonable warranties usually no more than two years. If you contact a garage door repair company and they are offering you 5, 10, 20 or lifetime warranties I would be very cautious and would steer clear of doing business with them. AT Habpro Garage Door we never play games with warranties and we make it clear that we stand behind our work.
  • Deposits and down payments. Most garage doors and garage door openers are stock items available from our vendors without any type of special order. A reputable garage door installation or garage door repair company will never ask for money up front for materials or parts unless they are indeed special order items. Garage door repair parts are almost always on the shelf somewhere and shouldn’t require a deposit. Garage door openers except in rare instances are all stock items and should never require a upfront deposit. Standard size garage doors are usually stocked in white, almond and some sandstone or desert tan, these stock doors should never require a deposit and if they do the deposit shouldn’t be over 20% of the total job cost. If a garage door company is asking you for 1/3 or more upfront especially for a standard stock garage door or opener I would say no thanks and move on to someone else. Remember a reputable garage door company should be a profitable company and shouldn’t need to operate off of your money before they earn it. Read our policy about deposits and feel comfortable doing business with Habpro Garage Doors Metro Atlanta’s Best Choice for 5 Star service.
  • Quotes over the phone. Let’s face it if a garage door repair company has been in business for any time at all and really knows their business with a few questions asked of you the potential customer they can provide a quote in most instances right over the phone. I hear of people calling a garage door repair company for a quote on a garage door replacement spring, only to be told “they have to look at it first to determine why it broke and what the cost will be”, and will even offer to look at your job for free. Remember there are no “free lunches” and this is just a ploy to gain access to your garage door and have you as a captive audience. These kinds of garage door companies will start out low and have lots of add-ons. A reputable garage door repair company can ask you a handful of questions over the phone and be able to determine what’s wrong with your garage door system and approximately how much the repair should cost. Garage door opener installations can always be quoted over the phone with a firm cost. New garage door installations can also be quoted in a ballpark range over the phone and can be narrowed to an exact price with the right questions and the willingness of you the potential customer to take a few measurements.

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