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Habpro is your #1 rated garage door repair company, serving Suwanee, Ga and North Gwinnett County. We’ve been providing award winning service for your friends, family, co-workers and neighbors for well over 45 years. We’ve literally repaired and serviced 1000’s of doors in your area.

Regardless of what kind of repair your garage door needs, we have the experience, knowledge and staff to repair your door quickly and at an affordable price. We strive to be the very best garage door service company in Georgia. Ask about same day service.

If your door is causing you problems and not functioning like it should, call us now 770-985-3355. We are here to listen to your needs and provide the very best in overhead door repairs, routine service and replacement or upgrades if needed.

A properly functioning door and opener system is essential to every home with a garage. Todays garage door is essentially the front door for most of todays homeowners.

At Habpro every service or repair we perform will include a meticulous inspection of all of the moving components of your garage door mechanism. We’ll check hinges, bearings, cables, bearings, cable drums, pulleys rollers and your springs to make sure that all are performing properly.

A broken garage door should be a reasonable cost to repair and shouldn’t require breaking your bank account. At Habpro we believe in doing business with integrity and transparency. We will always do our very best to assess your repair costs over the phone and provide and accurate quote. With a few questions over the phone we can qualify your garage door repair, explain the process and give you an upfront repair cost.

Our repairmen are rated #1 in the industry, are courteous and take pride in solving your residential garage door problems. Because our team members live in or near Suwanee, we can provide fast response times and same day turnaround on most repairs.

Garage Door Won’t Open

If your garage door won’t open, call Habpro for expert advice, over the phone, step by step assistance and evaluation 770-985-3355. Our team members are always available and live in or near Suwanee. We can dispatch a repairman quickly to resolve your problem.

Two of the most common malfunctions are that your garage door won’t open or your garage door won’t close. Our specialists are thoroughly vetted in these types of repairs and we can often assist you for free, over the phone.

If your garage door will not open, the most common cause is a power failure, check to see if your opener has power. If it’s obvious that there’s no power, check your GFCI outlet and your circuit breaker.

If you have power and the garage door tries to open, but only partially raises, you might have a problem with the spring system. Our skilled service techs specialize in spring repair and replacement to ensure that your door operates safely and smoothly.

Either way, call us and we will be happy to assist and walk you through how to manually raise or lower your garage door.

Garage Door Won’t Close

When a garage door won’t close, the main reasons are the sensors are out of alignment or obstructed, the power is off or something is in the way. With a phone call we can assist you in closing and securing your door and residence.

The safety sensors are located on or next to the vertical tracks, near the floor. Inspect the sensors for spiders, bugs and dirt, if they’re dirty wipe them clean with a soft cloth. Check for alignment.

If there’s no apparent power to your motor, look for a tripped GFCI outlet, usually in the garage or a guest bathroom. If you push the reset button and it clicks, you likely found the culprit. Try operating your system again. If the problem persists, call and a team member will promptly assist you.

Habpro is here to help with any repair in or near Suwanee, GA.

If it’s not one of the previously mentioned issues it might be that your garage door is off track. If you suspect this is the problem, we have expertise in addressing garage doors off track safely and efficiently. Call us at 770-985-3355.


Residential Garage Door Service

Did you back into your garage door? Need a new panel or section? Habpro stocks panels from common brands and offers reliable garage door panel replacement service to refresh the look of your garage. For more information regarding replacement panels, click here.

Has your door gotten rickety and noisy or does it no longer seal at the floor or the sides? We’re to help with new garage door seals, quiet hardware to reduce noise or a new stealthy quiet, automatic door opener.

Your friends, neighbors, family and co-workers have been utilizing our residential garage door services since 1978, that’s a lot of happy customers. We promise you our valued Suwanee customer, complete satisfaction and a pleasant experience. Our goal is your repeat business and referrals. Call us now 770-985-3355 and see why we are 5 Star Rated!

  • Free Quotes, Same Day Servi
  • Broken Springs Replaced
  • Broken Cables Repaired, Replaced, Reset
  • Electric Openers Repaired or Replaced
  • Door Panels Repaired & Replaced
  • Damaged Door Tracks Replaced and Realigned
  • Opener Remote Problems Fixed
  • Garage Door Off Tracks
  • Slow Noisy Operation Repaired
  • Vinyl Bottom Seals Replaced
  • Worn Out Noisy Rollers Replaced
  • Garage Door Won’t Open
  • Garage Door Won’t Close
  • New Perimeter Seals
  • Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Systems Replaced or Conversion.

When you leave your home for work or your kids leave for school in the morning you need an automatic garage door you can rely upon to open and close properly, a broken garage door is a home security issue. Habpro, Suwanee garage door service is your go to for quality garage door repairs and routine maintenance. We’ll make sure your door operator system is working properly so you can safely secure your garage and home.

Habpro services C.H.I. Overhead Carriage Doors, Amarr, Wayne Dalton, Doorlink, Clopay Garage Doors, Overhead Door, Mid-American, Windsor and quite a few more. Our repair technicians show up with a fully stocked service truck, ready to get your garage door system performing flawlessly.

We carry a complete selection of replacement hinges, rollers, cables, tracks, bearings, brackets, struts, motor mounting kits and more.  Your Suwanee GA neighbors call Habpro, to fix their garage door, so give us a try.

Best Repair Company, Suwanee Ga.

How long has it been since you’ve had your residential garage door system serviced? Many companies will recommend servicing your door once a year and at Habpro we think that’s overkill. We’ve determined though years of experience, that an average residential garage door only needs to be serviced every other year.

See why Habpro is the best garage door repair company in the Suwanee community.

On average you will use your door 3-5 cycles a day and every other year preventative maintenance will get the job done, prolong the life of your door and save you some of your hard earned cash.

Is your garage door and opener so noisy your neighbors can hear it operate? Maybe it’s time for one of our Habpro garage door repair, team members to stop by your home and perform our 15-point, garage door service. Our residential service technicians will service your garage door, lubricate all the moving parts, check for worn rollers, cables, hinges and bearings, balance your springs and quiet your garage door opener.

We want you so happy with our services that you’ll brag to your Suwanee friends and neighbors and tell them that we are the best company to call. At Habpro we pride ourselves in being residential overhead door experts, call us today and schedule your garage door tune-up 770-985-3355.

weather stripping

Replacement Garage Door Weather Stripping and Bottom Seals

If your garage door in Suwanee GA needs new weather seals, Habpro Garage Doors can help. We offer replacement weather seals, bottom seals and perimeter weather stripping for almost all manufacturers of doors. Is the bottom of your garage door no longer sealing against the floor? Do you have leaves and yard debris pouring in around the sides of your garage door? Habpro Garage Doors has solutions for wood, steel, carriage style and aluminum door seals.

Maybe your existing overhead door is in great condition but no longer seals along the bottom, top and sides, we have a wide variety of replacement bottom seals and perimeter vinyl seals to weather strip any door. Call us today for more information and seal your garage door today against the elements, 770-985-3355.

Broken Garage Door Cable – Replacement

If you have a broken or loose lifting cables, your garage door will likely be inoperable. Stop trying to operate your door and call Habpro Garage Doors in Suwanee 770-985-3355, right now. We can schedule a repairman and provide same day, affordable  cable or spring repairs.

There are three types of cables used on a garage door. Extension spring cables, torsion type cables and safety cables. Your cables do the work of lifting your garage door and over time they will wear out, break and need replacement.

Cables come in different lengths depending type of spring, height of door as well as different thicknesses depending upon the weight of your garage door.

When your cables start to wear and dry out they begin to fray, stretch or shrink. As they do they will cause your garage door to go off kilter and bind as it rolls up and down. Eventually they will break.

Replacement of your door cables should only be performed by a knowledgeable doorman. Your garage door cables are under tremendous tension, so never try to remove or replace them yourself.

Trust the pros at Habpro, to supply the correct replacement cables for your door and to properly install them. Garage door cables should be checked yearly and lubricated for longer life.

Suwanee GA. Overhead Door Repair

We are proud of the reputation we’ve earned of being Suwanee’s best company to call for overhead door repairs.  We take repairing your overhead door seriously and will always make an unparalleled effort to retain you as a customer for years to come. We want you to make Habpro garage door repair your first and last call for quality repairs, replacement doors and accessories.

Let us work our magic to restore your overhead door to a better working condition than the day it was originally installed. Our door pros will make sure your garage door tracks are properly aligned, your cable drums are set properly, and your overhead door is well lubricated for quiet, smooth operation. We know a broken garage door can’t always be avoided, but it can be fixed quickly and at a reasonable cost by the experts ate Habpro. Servicing and performing overhead door repairs in Suwanee, GA for over 45 years. Call us today and let’s get started with making your door work like new again.

Garage Door Repairman Near Me

Habpro’s garage door repairman are some of the most skilled in the service industry, with years or even decades of knowledge. Our team members excel in the quality work they perform and always put our clients needs first. Our repair men all reside in or near Suwanee and available for that last minute service call.

For great service and fantastic prices from repairmen who are part of the Suwanee community, call Habpro 770-985-3355 right now.

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Google logo Arie T.

May 7, 2024

Super friendly, understanding and gave me an amazing price. I was so stressed. Made me feel at ease and came to fix my garage door the next day! Telling all of my friends and family to use Habpro!

Google logo Tim S.

May 7, 2024

Bill answered my call on a Friday afternoon and had a tech scheduled for service on Saturday morning. The customer service provided by Bill and his tech Jared was unbelievable. Job was a simple spring replacement, no pressure to do anything else. This company is the gold standard for service. Thank you Habpro.

Google logo Jason W.

May 6, 2024

Quick service. Very clear about work needed to replace our broken spring, and were able to get in within 24 hours. Very polite. Would definitely use again.

Google logo Shahed K.

May 4, 2024

Very pleased with the service. Bill called me right after I sent an inquiry on a Sunday night. Highly recommended!

Google logo Craig A.

May 3, 2024

I have used HABPRO numerous times and they reasonable and professional!

Google logo Nick H.

May 2, 2024

Habpro responded quickly and was ready to have somebody at my house same day to repair our garage door. The tech was great and so was the price! Will always use them moving forward!!!

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