Let’s Talk About Garage Door Styles, Shall We?

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Lawrenceville GA New Garage DoorsWhen considering a replacement garage door, or a new garage door on a newly constructed house or building, you’ll want to ensure that the style of your garage door matches and enhances the look of the rest of your home. HABPRO offers the finest quality residential garage doors and carriage style garage doors anywhere! We have over 300 different styles and designs of garage doors for you to pick from. And if that’s not enough for you, we also offer a premium selection of custom-built carriage garage doors to your particular specifications.

When considering which garage door is right for your home, always keep in mind that you want to choose a garage door that complements the style and architecture of your home. Here are some general guidelines that may help you select the right garage door features to match the style of your home.

If you have a traditional home such as Victorian, Georgian or Colonial you may want to choose a paneled wood door. A coach house or stable look door can fit nicely on these styles as well. If you choose windows in your garage door, make sure they are divided-light and coordinate with the windows on your home. Iron hinges or handles that add decorative style to your garage door are a nice feature.

Craftsman style homes look good with raised panels or sections. Arts and Crafts’ style lighting and a pergola over the garage door can give great character to your home. Carriage style garage doors can accent a Craftsman style garage. Down lighting on your garage door can add interest and beauty to your doors.

Homes that are the 50’s style need a simple garage door. Consider a streamlined look that is void of many handles and hardware. Plain finishes and simple styles complement this style of home.

If you have a modern or contemporary home, you’ll want your garage door to make a statement. Modern styles invite creativity and freedom. Consider a garage door that catches your eye. The glass in your garage door may even be pebbled or frosted.

If you’re searching for the right garage door for your home, call HABPRO Garage Doors today.

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