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Deciding who to trust for a garage door repair at your home or business can be very difficult. If your garage door won’t open, won’t close or is stuck part way, you need service fast and from a repair company you can trust. Let Habpro Garage Doors of Kennesaw, Ga. take the stress out of your garage door problems. We’ve been fixing, repairing and replacing garage doors in Kennesaw and Cobb County Georgia since 1978.

Chances are when your friends, neighbors or coworkers have had a garage door problem they called us to solve it. Some of the most common garage door repairs you’ll encounter are a fatigued torsion or extension spring, a door cable that is frayed or came off the cable drum, damage garage door panel, door off the tracks or a rotted wood section.

At Habpro we know your time is valuable so when you call us at 770-985-3355, you’ll be greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable professional who will answer all your questions, provide you with a free upfront repair quote and dispatch a tech to your home promptly.

Our service technicians have 150 yrs plus of combined expertise fixing and repairing every brand of garage door including Overhead Door, C.H.I. Overhead Doors, Windsor Garage Doors, Clopay Doors, Amarr Doors, Doorlink, Mid America, Ankmar, Able, Wayne Dalton and more. All of our service vehicles are fully stocked with springs, cables, hinges, ultra quiet rollers, remotes, keypads, trolleys, circuit boards and various garage door weather seals. Call Habpro of Kennesaw, GA today and we’ll have your garage door fixed, back on its tracks in no time. I personally promise your complete satisfaction.

Garage Door Won’t Open

If your garage door in Kennesaw, won’t open, here are the potential causes. Check to make sure your door opener has power, if the wall button or sensors are lit, it has power. If it doesn’t check the outlet for power, the GFCI and the circuit breaker.

If your garage door attempts to open when activated, check to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally locked. If the door partially raises and stops, you likely have a broken counterbalance spring. Inspect the spring for breakage and call Habpro, 770-985-3355. Not only can we assist over the phone, with opening your garage door, we can also dispatch a repairman promptly and fix your malfunctioning door promptly.

Garage Door Won’t Close

If your garage door in Kennesaw, won’t close, call the Habpro, 770-985-3355 today. One of our experienced repairmen will guide your through inspecting the door so that you can safely close your garage door. Always check for power at the door opener, if there’s no sign of power reset the GFCI and or the circuit breaker.

Next check to make sure your door is on track and there are no obstructions in the vertical track or the infrared safety sensors. If your door appears to be off track, stop and do not attempt to close your garage door. If your door appears to be in order, wipe off the safety sensors and check for alignment.

If you need assistance aligning the sensors, we can walk you through the process over the phone. It’s really very easy. Once the sensors are aligned, try to close the door again, if it still won’t close hold the wall button until it’s all the way closed and release the button.

As a last resort to close and secure your garage door, you can pull the red emergency release rope on the opener and manually lower the door. Call us for same day repairs.

Broken Garage Door Cable – Replacement

There are three types of cables used on a garage door. Extension spring cables, torsion type cables and safety cables. Your cables do the tedious work of lifting your garage door on each corner and over time they will wear out, break and need replacement.

When replacing your cables, always request that both be replaced. This will allow your door to raise evenly and save you a future problem.

If you have a broken garage door cable, stop trying to operate your door and call Habpro in Kennesaw, 770-985-3355 right now. We can provide prompt cable replacement.

Cables come in different lengths depending type of spring as well as different thicknesses depending upon the weight of your garage door.

When your cables start to wear and dry out they begin to fray, stretch or shrink. As they do they will cause your garage door to go off kilter and bind as it rolls up and down. Eventually they will break.

Replacement of your door cables should only be performed by a knowledgeable doorman. Your garage door cables are under tremendous tension, so never try to remove or replace them yourself.

Trust the pros at Habpro, to supply the correct replacement cables for your door and to install them properly. Garage door cables should be inspected yearly and lubricated to prolong their life.

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Your Local Garage Door Repairman

Our team members are local to the Kennesaw, Cobb county community and have a vested interest in the area. We’ve worked hard to develop a 5 star, customer satisfaction reputation and want to be your local garage door repairman of choice.

Anyone can claim to be a technician, however very few are experienced and properly trained to hold the honor of being a seasoned overhead door professional.

At Habpro, it’s important to build long term customer relationships, gain your trust and your repeat business. We can only achieve this goal by training and hiring the best repairmen in the industry. Our repairmen and our team members are committed to excellence and customer retention.

Broken Garage Door Kennesaw

If you have a broken garage door that won’t open or a garage door that won’t close it can be a real inconvenience and mess up your day. Regardless of why your garage door is broken our Pro’s at Habpro Garage Doors of Kennesaw, Ga can have your garage door fixed in no time. Do you have a broken garage door spring, broken garage door cable or are your tracks bent and your door hanging by a few rollers? Call us right away and stop trying to operate your door. The best thing to do is unplug the garage door opener and leave the repair to our experienced service techs. Continuing to operate your door when it’s broken can lead to very costly repairs or even replacement. Garage doors today weigh between 100-600 lbs and that’s a lot of weight hanging over your head, so save yourself possible injury and additional repair costs and let Habpro fix your garage door. If your garage door is still working but has gotten noisy or operating erratically, call us now and avoid that unnecessary breakdown that can leave you trapped in your garage.

Kennesaw, Overhead Door Service

Whether you have a residential overhead door or a commercial overhead warehouse door or roll up dock door Habpro Garage Doors of Kennesaw can help. We offer complete overhead door repairs as well as preventative maintenance services. Repairs to your overhead doors shouldn’t be complicated or time consuming, one call to 770-985-3355 will bring over 4 decades of great customer service, installation and repair experience to your door, no pun intended. If you are in need of a replacement overhead garage door, replacement door panels or new weather seals, just call us. We take pride in our garage door services and every call receives our 15 point service checklist which is unparalleled in the overhead door industry. Contact us today for a free quote and lets get started on your service, repair or garage door installation project.

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Our Client Reviews

4.9 /5.0
Google logo Jared D.

April 10, 2024

Spring break! Not the fun vacation kind, but was in need of a garage door spring replacement. Bill and his team at Habpro provided outstanding service and communication when we needed it! Also a shout-out to Jared for his installation work...you know you're going to get quality work from a Jared...definitely don't settle for Jerrys or Joshes or Jerrods. Thank you Habpro for getting our garage doors back in business.

Google logo Anna Y.

April 10, 2024

Finally—a truly excellent company!! After many negative garage door repair experiences with other companies, I would not call anyone else than Habpro now.

Google logo Matt Z.

April 10, 2024

I couldn't be more impressed with the exceptional service provided by Habpro Garage Doors. From the moment I called to schedule an appointment to the completion of the job, they exhibited the utmost professionalism and courtesy. Not only did they swiftly address the issue with my garage door, but they also took the time to explain the repairs needed and answered all of my questions with patience and expertise. Their attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction truly sets them apart. If you're in need of reliable and courteous garage door repair services, look no further than Habpro. They've earned my highest recommendation.

Google logo Bob J.

April 9, 2024

Bill responded with in 30 minutes of me asking him to see if he could fix a sagging overlayed 16x7 garage door. 6 other garage door companies all said I need a new overlay door. Approximately $6 thousand dollars. Bill look at photos I sent him and had one of his guys Chuck there the next morning. Fixed the door for less than 3% of what the other guys wanted. He’ll get my business when I need that new door. Honest and great people! No joke!!

Google logo Victoria

April 8, 2024

Bill and his team were professional and on time. Bill took the time (answered my call on Easter!) to explain the process and price before coming out. Garage door is working again and we are so appreciative!

Google logo Aretha P.

March 17, 2024

When my garage door stopped working, I called Habpro. After asking me a few questions, the company representative suggested that I might be able to fix the problem myself. He then patiently walked me through the process of adjusting the garage door sensors. Despite my insistence on paying him for his time, knowledge, and patience, he refused any compensation. I have received services from many companies; this was the first time compensation was not expected. My garage door is working properly and my faith in the kindness of people is just a bit stronger.

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