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Duluth Garage Door Spring Replacement Dacula, GA

Duluth GA Garage Door Spring Replacement

Garage door spring replacement Duluth GA

Habpro Garage Doors in Duluth, Georgia has been providing replacement garage door springs for almost 50 years. our team members excel at garage door spring replacement and repair. Call us today for a free, no obligation quote and lets discuss new torsion, extension or torquemaster springs for your garage door.

  • Free Estimates, Know Your Upfront Repair Costs
  • Fast Service, Usually Same Day
  • Oil Tempered Torsion Springs, Never Galvanized
  • Wayne Dalton Torquemaster Conversion
  • Double Loop Longer Life Extension Springs
  • Safety Cables Installed
  • Garage Door Tune-Up Included
  • High Life Cycle Springs Available

Did you push the opener wall button and your garage door failed to open? Did something happen to your garage door spring? Do you have a broken garage door spring? Extensive force is exerted on your Duluth garage door springs each time your door is raised or lowered.

Over time, the steel in your garage door torsion springs will fatigue and eventually you’ll have a broken spring. After years of daily use, stress and strain most garage door springs need to be replaced. Call Habpro Garage Doors today for expert Duluth garage door spring replacement.

Habpro Garage Doors is a full service Duluth garage door spring repair company. We serve residential, commercial and industrial garage door customers in Duluth Georgia and the surrounding area. We’ve built a 5 star garage door company over the past 40 years. Call us today for a free quote, 770-985-3355.

Duluth GA Garage Door Spring Repair

Habpro Garage Doors is the industry leader in garage door sales, broken spring repairs, replacements and maintenance. We also offer garage door torsion, extension spring Clopay EZ Set and Wayne Dalton Torquemaster repair for our Duluth GA area customers.

You won’t find a more qualified company to serve your garage door needs. Garage door springs carry the weight of your garage doors, day in and day out. It’s important for garage door springs to be in tip top shape.

If your garage door is out of balance it can prematurely wear out your electric opener as well as damage or destroy your garage door. Periodic checking of your garage door balance and spring adjustment will increase the longevity of your system. Habpro Garage Doors has a full supply of garage door replacement springs and top of the line replacement parts for your garage door spring repair.

Call Habpro today for more information. Some of our Services – Door Openers, Torsion Spring Replacement, torquemaster spring replacement, extension springs, rollers, cables, hinges, torsion bar bearings and bottom brackets. When you need garage door spring repair call the company your neighbors, friends and family have trusted for over 40 years, we’ll have your broken spring fixed fast at a cost you can afford.

Overhead Door Torsion Springs

As the lifeline of your garage door operating system, torsion springs are extremely important. If you’re having a problem with your overhead door torsion springs, call Habpro Garage Doors right away! Our experienced technicians will carefully repair any issues with your torsion springs. At some point in home ownership, you’ll most likely need to replace the torsion springs on your garage doors.

Keep in mind that the average spring life is around 10,000 cycles or about 7 years of daily use. A spring cycle is one opening and closing of your overhead door, 10,000 cycles seems like a lot of cycles however if you use your door 5 times per day on average then standard cycle spring will last on average 5 cycles x 365 = 1825 cycles per year. 10,000 cycle springs ÷ 1825 = roughly 5.5 years of life.

For many of our Duluth customers their garage door has become their front door and the cycles of usage may be 10x per day or higher, if this is your home then ask about our extended high life cycle torsion springs. If it’s time to have a new overhead door torsion spring installed, call the garage door specialists 770-985-3355 at Habpro Garage Doors for fast and affordable garage door repair service.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Broken Spring On A Garage Door?

The larger and heavier your garage door is, the heavier duty the springs will need to be. As spring size, length and weight increases, so does the cost. The costs to replace a broken garage door spring varies due to number of springs required, type of springs, door size and weight.

Extension springs generally will be the least expensive, torsion or coil springs are next, Wayne Dalton torquemaster systems and the most costly will be wood custom carriage doors. Extension springs are typically only found on residential single car doors. Single car doors vary in weight from as little as 60lbs to 180lbs, costs for these springs will be between $275-$400.

Double car doors, usually 16-18′ wide, will always use coil type springs and are usually installed in matching pairs. Replacement costs for torsion springs will average between $375 and $500 for double car doors.

Torquemaster springs can be found on both single car and double car doors. Our customers usually choose to do a conversion from the torquemaster system to conventional torsion springs that are visible and not in a tube. For a single car garage doors, expect the replacement costs to be between $450 and $550 and for double car doors $550-$650.

Replacement costs for carriage style overlay doors vary between $375 and $600 depending on door weight, height and width. Custom wood carriage door springs can cost as little as $400 and can exceed $1000 for excessively heavy doors.

At Habpro, we want our Duluth customers to be aware of  the replacement spring costs upfront, before you commit. Replacement spring costs should always be disclosed upfront and a reputable  door company will always provide a free, no obligation quote telephone quote. Call one of our customer service pros today.

Can I Replace Just One Spring On My Garage Door?

Can I replace just one of my garage door springs? The correct answer is yes you can but it’s not advisable and will cost you more in the long run. Some garage doors only have one spring and in that case its okay. Most garage doors have two springs and the labor costs to replace two is the same as one. Pairing a new strong spring with an older weak and worn out spring is never a good idea.

Old and new springs mixed together will cause balance problems with your door and if you have extension springs, your door will not likely work properly at all. Habpro Garage Doors along with most reputable companies will always suggest that both springs are replaced at the same time. Your door will operate much better and you’ll save yourself some money in the long run.

Springs become weak from usage prior to breaking. If one spring is tired enough to break the other will break shortly thereafter.

Improperly balanced garage door springs will shorten the life of your door and prematurely wear out your garage door opener. Always replace both springs when one is broken.

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Our Client Reviews

4.9 /5.0
Google logo Mike D.

February 27, 2024

Had single and double door garage openers replaced as original door openers were over twenty-five years old. Bill and his guys did a great job replacing the original openers with new hardware. Thank you.

Google logo Greg W.

February 23, 2024

We got two single doors installed to replace our originals. The new doors are much smoother and quieter in operation. They also look much better than the old doors ever did. Chuck, the installer, was very friendly and pleasant to talk to. He helped set up and explain everything well once he was done installing the new doors. I had a minor issue with one door that he came back the next day and resolved quickly. Get your doors from Habpro. They'll do a great job and leave you very happy.

Google logo johnwwjr

February 22, 2024

Habpro responded within 24 hours for my need to have a lift spring replaced on my double garage door. Everything was done well and work was reasonably priced. No issues at all. I am posting this belatedly, the work was done a few months back and to date everything is working flawlessly. Thanks.

Google logo Dan

February 22, 2024

I have used Habpro Garage Doors twice for garage door repair. Both times I have been highly satisfied with the results. Bill, the owner, calls you promptly when you need service and gives a quote over the phone before they arrive. Chuck, who came out to do the repair, is very professional and knowledgeable and walks you through exactly what needs to be done before he begins. He even did some extra things with no charge. I highly recommend them for their honesty and thoroughness.

Google logo Michael M.

February 22, 2024

Broken spring replaced same day. Very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend

Google logo Orby T.

February 15, 2024

I have recommended Habpro garage doors to family and friends.The one thing why I highly recommend them is because they have done some work for some single ladies friends and they was comfortable with them and very pleased by the work. They also does good quality work and the pricing very very reasonable.

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