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Does your garage door look like the one pictured? Is your garage door off track, are the rollers out of the tracks and your garage door hanging by the cables. Habpro Garage Doors of Buford, GA can remedy your situation quickly, professionally and put your garage door back on its tracks. When your garage door has come off the track the very best thing to do for your safety and to avoid damage to your overhead door and automatic opener is to pull the electrical plug from the outlet and leave the door alone. If you try to operate your door manually or with the motor it can come out off the tracks completely, injure you and destroy the garage door. Call us at Habpro Garage Doors 770-985-3355 and speak to one of our friendly staff, they’ll gather your information, assess the situation and dispatch one of trained repair technicians to your home pronto. While these type of repairs look pretty bad it’s usually a pretty simple fix for our pros and will cost less than what you would expect. our garage door repair technicians are thoroughly trained and their trucks are stocked with all the parts necessary to fix your door fast and at a price you can afford. Most of the time these repairs are made in less than 45 minutes and our technician will perform our 15 point service inspection on your garage door. Habpro Garage Doors of Buford has been serving satisfied customers like yourself for over forty years, that’s a lot of happy customers in your area.

Bent Garage Door Tracks

It’s quite common that when your garage door is off track that your door will be cocked and cause bent garage door tracks, don’t worry most bent tracks can be straightened and if your tracks are damaged beyond repair our service trucks are stocked with new replacement garage door tracks. Habpro Garage Doors of Buford has been putting garage doors back on track since 1978, that’s an awful lot of experience at your disposal. When our service tech arrives at your home they’ll thoroughly check your overhead door and try to determine the cause of your door going off it’s track. Some of the common things that cause this problem are a loose cable drum, a broken spring, broken garage door cable, rusted bottom bracket that holds the cable, worn out garage door rollers, a worn bearing or pulley or your garage door was simply closed on an object and your garage door opener didn’t reverse in time to prevent the incident. When an object is left under your garage door it will cause one side of the door to hang up, this will cause slack in the garage door cable on that side and it will skip off its groove on the cable drum. When this happens your garage door will cock to one side and cause the garage door to come off track and the weight of the door will cause bent garage door tracks. The rollers will fall out of their hinges and hit the floor. This is not a job for a rookie or the do it yourselfer, in almost all causes trying to fix this yourself will simply make matters worse. Save yourself timer, potential injury and added repair costs and call Habpro Garage Doors of Buford GA right now 770-985-3355, we’ll reset your cables, reset your rollers and put your garage door back on track without damaging your bank account. I personally promise your complete satisfaction.

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Angela V.

I’m so glad that I contacted Bill @ Habpro when the spring in my garage door broke. I called mid-morning and he had a technician at my home that afternoon. The technician was kind and extremely professional. He had the garage door fixed very quickly and for a great price! I would ABSOLUTELY recommended Habpro to all of my friends and family! What a great experience with great people!

Kaylee F.

Wonderful quick service. They helped me find the part to replace and came out within a few days. Greg was able to have the problem fixed within in hour time and also gave me some insight as to why the problem happened in the first place. Price was very reasonable as well. Will def be using this company again and refer them to my friends and family.

Daniel B.

Fantastic service and premium quality product. Bill gave me competitive prices on two insulated metal doors and programmable openers, scheduled the installation at a convenient time for me, and Chuck who did the installation show up right on time. After he thoroughly cleaned up, he stayed and helped sync both vehicles to the openers. I highly recommend Habpro. You won't be disappointed.

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