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Alpharetta GA, Garage Door Repair
Choose Habpro for Your Garage Door Repair

Habpro is Alpharetta’s most trusted source for garage door repair, since 1978. With over 4.5 decades and 1000’s of quality services performed, we are your reliable solution for same day garage door repair.

Our highly skilled repairmen are equipped to make any type of adjustments that your door might need. Call us today 770-985-3355. We’ll perform a comprehensive inspection and repair of your garage door.

Damaged panels, broken springs, cables off, or your door off track, call Habpro. A non functioning garage door opener can really mess up your day and leave you stranded at home or worse yet, your home unsecured. We fix doors fast.

A broken garage door can be very dangerous, after all it’s the largest moving object in your home. Habpro has been repairing sectional garage doors in the Alpharetta community for nearly 50 years.

Alpharetta GA, Garage Door Repair

Replacement Garage Door Rollers

If your Alpharetta garage door has become noisy, rickety and questionable, we can provide replacement rollers that will keep your door quiet and on track. Habpro offers a complete selection of quality replacement rollers in both short stem and long stem. Your door rollers are an integral part of your system and support the weight of your door and are a key component to smooth operation.

Rollers that are worn out not only become noisy, they can come apart and cause real damage to your garage door. Many doors come from the factory with non-bearing rollers that are initially quiet and over time will start to bind.

When they bind, they can actually cause your door to derail, often causing permanent damage to your overhead door.

If you notice your door is extra noisy or not rolling freely, don’t wait for an inevitable mishap, call today. Remember bad garage door rollers can create a bad day for you and your door.

Featuring ultra quiet 11 ball bearing steel rollers for durability and nylon tires for quiet operation. Black urethane rollers offer quiet operation for lighter doors and those who are budget conscious. Traditional 7 ball and 10 ball steel rollers are available as well.

If you’re having reliability issues with your garage door, new upgraded rollers are a great investment. Call us for a free consultation to determine which rollers are best for your application 770-985-3355.

Garage Door Won’t Open, Alpharetta Ga

If your garage door won’t open, the most likely culprit is a power failure. If you inspect your system and notice that none of the systems lights are on or blinking, check your GFCI for that outlet and then check your circuit breaker to see if it’s tripped. If your door system has power and your door still won’t open, call us.

We can walk you through disconnecting your door from the motor so that you can operate it manually. If you can’t open your door manually we can dispatch one of team members promptly to your home. When your door won’t open and the motor is functioning the primary cause is a broken spring. If this is the case we can expedite service to your home and get you out of or into your garage quickly. If your garage door won’t open, Habpro is here to help.

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Garage Door Won’t Close, Alpharetta Ga

If your garage door won’t close, the first thing to do is check for power, if your system tries to close the door but it reverses, check the infrared safety system for obstructions or improper alignment. If all of that seems okay, call us and we can instruct you over the phone on how to close your door and secure your home.

Assuming your door is on track, not obstructed and still will not close, you have two immediate options. Pull the red release cord and close the door manually or continuously hold the wall button until your door is fully closed.

We are always here to help and some simple fixes do not require a service call or an expense on your part, just some instructions and a few minutes of your time. A reputable home repair company will always try to assist you over the phone first, before trying to schedule a repair visit and charging you.

Best Residential Garage Door Repairs

Habpro is your residential garage door repair professionals in Alpharetta, GA. Our highly skilled service technicians can assist with any or all of the following – Openers, Keypads, Torsion Spring adjustment or replacement, tracks, broken extension and torsion springs, rollers, cables & drums, hinges, sensors and weather seals, opener troubleshooting, installation, parts and repair.

Some repairs can be performed by the homeowner, however most residential door repairs require a specific skillset and specialized tools. You can trust our reputation, and HABPRO’s stellar 5-star service record! HABPRO is the most trusted name in the industry. For over 45 years, residential garage doors and garage doors openers have been our specialty. You won’t find a more reliable and honest service company in all of Alpharetta, Georgia! We owe our steady growth and stellar reputation to the tremendous word of mouth business we receive from years of satisfied customers and referrals. Ask your friends and neighbors and then call us today 770-985-3355.

Overhead Door Services

When it comes to overhead garage door repairs, you can count on HABPRO Garage Doors for everything from repairs to replacement. We service all makes and manufactures of overhead doors such as C.H.I. Overhead Doors, DoorLink, Amarr Garage Doors, Wayne Dalton, Overhead Door Brand, Clopay, Mid-American, Carriage Doors, Ankmar and Raynor.

At Habpro, you can find the highest quality residential doors, including custom wooden carriage style doors. From overhead raised panel steel doors, to flush steel, trust our garage door service for competitive prices and outstanding door repair service that is unmatched in the Alpharetta area. Contact us today.

Alpharetta GA, Garage Door Repair

Replacement Garage Door Weather Seals, Vinyl Seal Installation

Do you need new garage door seals for your existing garage doors in Alpharetta? Habpro Garage doors offers a complete selection of replacement garage door seals and weather stripping for virtually all manufacturers of overhead type garage doors.

We carry replacement bottom seals and perimeter seals for wood garage doors, steel overhead doors, aluminum and custom garage doors too. Since weather seals are proprietary to manufacturer and model, one of our team members can help identify which products you need to successfully seal your garage door. Call us today and we’ll help you seal your garage from the elements.

Tracks, Alignment and Replacement

Garage door tracks and proper alignment are key for safe and reliable garage door operation. If your tracks are damaged, Habpro Garage Doors in Alpharetta can either straighten them or provide replacements to fit your garage door. If your door is not operating smoothly or jerking and occasionally reversing, its often due to improperly aligned tracks.

Garage door tracks should be mounted plumb, with proper spacing to a level mounted garage door. Improper spacing will cause excessive noise, as well as wear and tear on sections, hinges and rollers. Our highly skilled repairmen can inspect and properly align your tracks if needed, just give us a call 770-985-3355 for a free consultation.

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Broken Garage Door Cable – Replacement

There are three types of cables used on a garage door. Extension spring cables, torsion type cables and safety cables. Your cables do the work of lifting your garage door and over time they will wear out, break and need replacement.

If you have a broken garage door cable, do not attempt to operate your door and call Habpro Garage Doors in Alpharetta, 770-985-3355, right now. We provide prompt cable replacement.

Cables come in different lengths depending type of spring as well as different thicknesses depending upon the weight of your garage door. Remember to always have your cables replaced in pairs. It’s important that both cables are the same length.

When your cables start to wear and dry out they begin to fray, stretch or shrink. As they do they will cause your garage door to go off kilter and bind as it rolls up and down. Eventually they will break.

Replacement of your door cables should only be performed by a knowledgeable doorman. Your garage door cables are under tremendous tension, so never try to remove or replace them yourself.

Trust the pros at Habpro, to supply the correct replacement cables for your door and to properly install them. Garage door cables should be inspected yearly and lubricated to prolong their life.

Garage Door Repair Costs Alpharetta

Garage door repair costs will vary from company to company. Typical garage door repair costs will be $150-$250 from your reputable companies. More for new springs, replacement panels or a new motor. Some companies offer free service calls or discounted trip charges or service calls under $50.00.

Remember nothing is free and the real question to ask is, how much is my final cost going to be, that’s what really matters. Most companies with “FREE SERVICE” charges, cost far more in the end.

Beware of “bait and switch,” service call pricing. A “low charge service call or trip charge,” will inevitably end in a much higher total repair bill.

Some companies want to defer talking costs and will come out to your home for free, or so they say. Repair costs with these types of companies can be extremely pricey. Many garage door companies pay their people via commission, usually a percentage of the total repair costs.

Door companies that use this business model encourage employees to upsell in order to achieve a higher average repair ticket.

Often with the upsell companies, the cost to repair your door can be far more than the cost of a new one. Here’s our advice and opinion. Reputable garage door service companies will always attempt to troubleshoot your problem over the phone.

They’ll then give you some realistic expectations as to repair costs, so that you know before you commit.

This is our livelihood and because of that, almost all repairs can be diagnosed over the phone and reasonable repair costs quoted ahead of time. If the company you consider won’t talk costs upfront or makes excuses as to why they can’t or won’t, you might want to look further.

Local Garage Door Repairman

As a company, our goal is to be your local garage door repairman. Our technicians live in or near Alpharetta and are some of the very best in the industry. With years or even decades of experience, our techs take pride in the quality of the work they perform and take great care in our customer satisfaction. Our team members are always available for that last minute door problem and are ready to provide same day service.

For fantastic service and great prices from expert repairmen who are part of your community, call Habpro 770-985-3355 today.

Alpharetta – A Thriving Community

Did you know that Alpharetta, Georgia is a thriving community nestled in the northern most corner of Fulton County, Georgia and that it borders Forsyth and Cherokee counties. With a current day population of almost 100,000 its come a long ways since its founding back in 1858. Alpharetta is home to parks, some of the best retail in North Georgia and Verizon amphitheater. It occupies the postal zip codes of 30004, 30005, 30009 and parts of 30022 and 30504. Truly diverse in culture, it’s a great place to live, visit and do business. At Habpro we’re happy to say that Alpharetta customers are some of our best. For all of your overhead door repairs in Alpharetta and N. Fulton County, call us.

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Google logo Arie T.

May 7, 2024

Super friendly, understanding and gave me an amazing price. I was so stressed. Made me feel at ease and came to fix my garage door the next day! Telling all of my friends and family to use Habpro!

Google logo Tim S.

May 7, 2024

Bill answered my call on a Friday afternoon and had a tech scheduled for service on Saturday morning. The customer service provided by Bill and his tech Jared was unbelievable. Job was a simple spring replacement, no pressure to do anything else. This company is the gold standard for service. Thank you Habpro.

Google logo Jason W.

May 6, 2024

Quick service. Very clear about work needed to replace our broken spring, and were able to get in within 24 hours. Very polite. Would definitely use again.

Google logo Shahed K.

May 4, 2024

Very pleased with the service. Bill called me right after I sent an inquiry on a Sunday night. Highly recommended!

Google logo Craig A.

May 3, 2024

I have used HABPRO numerous times and they reasonable and professional!

Google logo Nick H.

May 2, 2024

Habpro responded quickly and was ready to have somebody at my house same day to repair our garage door. The tech was great and so was the price! Will always use them moving forward!!!

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