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Lawrenceville GA Garage Door Service ContractorMany people think that the remote control to the garage door is the opener, but the two are separate, though they function together. The remote communicates with the opener by sending signals telling it to open or close. Our expert team at Habpro Garage Doors will help you select a garage door opener that works best for the weight and size of your garage doors. There are five types of garage door openers to consider for their capability, durability, and price.

Jackshaft Opener

When space or ceiling clearance is limited, a jackshaft garage door opener is ideal. It mounts to the wall instead of overhead and uses cables to operate the door. Jackshaft openers are known for being ultra-quiet.

Chain Driven

Chains and pulleys operate the up and down motion on the garage doors. Chain driven openers are reliable and affordable, but are very noisy.

Belt Driven

The most popular option in the marketplace, belt driven openers utilize a flexible, heavyweight rubber belt and pulley mechanics to raise and lower the door. This model is chosen for its quiet operation and is a great choice for garages that are adjacent to living spaces.

Screw Driven

A steel drive screw activates the motor and pulls it along the track. Because of its noisy function, sensitivity to temperature swings, and cheaper parts, screw driven openers are less popular.

Direct Driven

As the name implies, the motor itself drives the trolley without relying on a belt, chain, or screw. With only one moving part, direct driven openers are lower maintenance and very quiet.

With an estimated 1,600 cycles each year, the right opener for your overhead garage doors is essential to their proper function. Talk to a garage door opener specialist at Habpro Garage Doors. All of our products come from leading manufacturers and are fully warrantied. Whether you are choosing for a new home or you are replacing a broken or malfunctioning opener, we have the expertise to safely fit and install your new equipment on any size garage door. Call us today to see how we can help.

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