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Testimonial 1

I called last night after 6:30 with a garage that was half open and uneven. I answered his questions and he was able to give me a quote over the phone. Bill was here first thing this morning, for NO extra fee, and fixed the door. I will use this company from here on out! Thank you for such excellent service!!

Testimonial 2

When my garage door broke, I thought for sure I would need a new one. Instead, Bill Farmer made an inexpensive repair that he said would buy me some time before I'd have to replace it. What a relief! I will definitely recommend Habpro to all of my friends!

Testimonial 3

I was in a tight spot because I could not get a car out of my garage because of a broken spring. The tech showed up, quickly diagnosed the problem, and installed 2 springs on my old one spring system. Also fixed the track where a car had backed into it. Took about 25 minutes tops. Great price and I will call them again.

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HABPRO Solves all your Door and Opener needs.

We Service All Makes of Garage Doors & Garage Door Openers

With our 30 plus years of Garage Door and Garage Door Opener experience, you can rest assured we’ll make a thorough assessment of your situation and do the job right the first time.

At HABPRO, every repair we perform includes our 15 Point Inspection of your Garage Door and Opener, and in most cases you’ll be amazed at how much smoother and quieter your system functions.

Our 15 Point Inspection includes the following:spacerInternet Specials

  1. We will check the balance of your garage door and adjust your springs if needed. This is essential for safety and prolonging the life of your Garage Door and Opener.
  2. We will check screws and bolts to make sure they are secure.
  3. We will inspect all of the roller wheels for wear and suggest replacement if needed. Worn-out rollers are noisy and very dangerous.
  4. We will inspect all of the hinges on your Garage Door for cracks, splits, and wear and suggest replacement if needed.
  5. We will check your tracks for proper spacing and alignment and adjust them if needed. Track alignment is crucial for smooth quiet operation.
  6. We will check your cables for frays and excessive wear and suggest replacement if needed. Worn and frayed cables are dangerous and can leave you trapped in your garage.
  7. We will visually inspect your springs for wear. This is especially important with extension type springs.
  8. We will check the limits on your Garage Door Opener for stopping points for the open and closed positions of your Garage Door.
  9. We will check the sensitivity or force setting of your Garage Door Opener to make sure it is safe and working properly.
  10. We will check your pulleys for wear on extension spring doors and your cable drums for alignment on torsion spring doors.
  11. We will inspect the attachment of your Garage Door Opener to the Garage Door, front wall, and ceiling and suggest additional bracing if needed.
  12. We will check the bearings on the torsion spring bar if you have one and suggest replacement if needed.
  13. We will inspect the bottom brackets where the cables attach for rust and excessive wear and suggest replacement if needed. A cut or rusted bottom bracket is very dangerous.
  14. We will inspect the spring mounting to ensure your springs are adequately secured to the wall on torsion spring doors and to the rear supports on extension spring doors.
  15. We will lubricate all the moving parts on your Garage Door and Garage Door Opener per the specific Manufacturer’s Specifications.

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We proudly Install LiftMaster, Genie, and Linear Professional Garage Door Openers and accessories.

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