What’s Your Most Used Door In Your House?

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Which entrance gets the most use at your home? Most people immediately begin considering the front door, back door or porch door when thinking about doors. Did you neglect to consider your garage door as a door (or entrance) into your home as well? We would venture to say that if you add your garage entrance to your most used door it would be the clear winner.

Most Americans use the garage door to enter their homes. The front door is often the second most popular entrance, and at times a side door is used. A great way to determine which door you use the most is to think about if you even carry a front door house key anymore.

Many Americans invite guests to enter their house through the garage door. The front door has lost its prime spot of a grand entrance. Americans are more casual, transparent and practical these days. It’s become acceptable and preferred to bring guests through your garage.

For all of a garage door’s use, it’s important to ensure that you have a garage door that is fully functional and appealing to the eye. HABPRO Garage Doors will help you with your garage door entrance to your house.

If your garage door is dated, not working or just plain ugly we have a solution for you. HABRPO is your garage door specialist in Georgia. We offer garage door and opener repair services and the Finest Quality Residential Garage Doors. Choose HABPRO Garage Door, “Atlanta’s Best Choice” for your next garage door.

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