Importance of Garage Door Lighting

All entrances of your home should be well-lit. Lighting around doors, porches, and garage areas provide safety and invitation, also giving your home a good first impression for all who visit your home. Aside from occasional neighborly visits, most visitors come to the home at night, making it essential that you greet your visitors with a warm and inviting glow.

Many people tend to focus their lighting improvements at their front entrance, making a grand statement for all who enter. However, other than more formal guests, many people tend to enter a home through an open garage door. This informal entrance makes the importance of garage door lighting all the more important.

Not only is attractiveness an important feature of garage door lighting, but safety is also an issue that can be addressed through proper lighting. Exterior and interior garage lights reduce trip hazards both inside and around your home. The outdoor garage light fixtures should complement the style of your home, while being properly positioned to give light to well-trafficked walkways. Here are tips for choosing appropriate lighting for your garage entrance:

  • Do not go too small. Lights need to provide even illumination along the entire width of the driveway.
  • Consider placement carefully. It is suggested that a light be placed on either side of the garage door to provide enough light around the outside of the garage. With multiple garage doors, it is important to install a light in the middle of the garage doors as well, so that there are not dark spaces to be wary of.
  • Install appropriate lights inside the garage to provide illumination for entering into your home. Along with the appropriate lighting, it is also important to keep the walk path clear so that visitors do not trip or fall while walking inside your garage.

At HABPRO Garage Doors, we are the experts for all of your garage door needs. We have served North Georgia residents and business owners for over 35 years, receiving a 5-Star Kudzu rating from satisfied customers. There are many factors to consider when choosing a garage door and having it installed. We are here for all of your garage door needs and recommendations for safety lighting. Contact us today.

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