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Lawrenceville GA New Garage Doors Winter is almost here. Garage doors need specialized maintenance to ensure they function properly during the cold months when temperatures stay in the 30s or below. Weatherizing garage doors will keep cold air, wind, rain, snow and ice from seeping in, as well as help keep energy costs down. Winterizing also protects pipes and equipment that is stored in the garage.

The first step is to assess the condition of your garage doors. Is the insulation growing thin? Is the weather stripping wearing down? Are the doors moving slowly? Can you see cracks or light coming in?  A few simple checks and procedures can help you avoid problems when the snow starts to fall.

Proper lubrication

Lubrication is the first defense in winter. Well-lubricated doors are necessary in all seasons, but especially in winter. Use a non-silicone lubricant that is specifically manufactured for garage doors. Apply it to the rollers, hinges and springs. Test it out to ensure that the doors roll up and down with ease.

Weather stripping

Weather stripping creates a seal around the door. It is common for it to become compromised over time by heat, wind, and rain. To know whether your weather stripping needs to be replaced, place your hand in front of it to discover if wind is coming in. Weather stripping will help keep warm air in and cold air out.


There are a number of effective products to insulate the garage doors, such as foam board, batt insulation, or reflective insulation. All three will increase the energy efficiency of a garage door. It is important to know that adding insulation to the door will also add weight to the opening device.

Proactive winter proofing is the best way to maintain the integrity of your garage doors. Do you need help with garage door preparation for winter? Call us at HABPRO Garage Doors at 770-985-3355. We can help!

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